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Commercial break taken from "Sammy's Independence Day", season 3, episode 4, October 14th, 2002.

Break 1[]

  • Taco Bell
  • Carmax
  • Pizza Hut (That's Not a Pizza - Newsstand)
  • KFC (Minivan)

Break 2[]

  • Allstate (Fixed Annuity - Flower to Spike Plant)
  • Zales the Diamond Store (There are Kisses In Here)
  • Geico Direct (Coffee Mugs/Paper Boy) (1-800-841-3003)
  • MasterCard (Sticky Notes)
  • Verizon Wireless (Paul Marcarelli - Lights On, Lights Off)

Break 3[]

  • Progressive Insurance (Plumber - Full Version)
  • New Episode of CSI: Miami Promo (Tonight)
  • Formula 409
  • Sprint PCS (Email Class)
  • Serta (Sheep: Rip That Mattress Apart!)

Final Break[]

  • Amigos de Garcia Productions/Cherry Tree Entertainment/CBS Productions/20th Century Fox Television logos with generic CBS jingle
  • Split-screen closing credits
  • Coming Up Next Before the Late Show with David Letterman Bumper: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • T-Mobile (Telescope)
  • Schick Xtreme 3 (Sink Dunk/Razor Burn)
  • Huggies Supreme
  • ThermaCare (Road Sign Girl - Bad Cramps)
  • CBS Monday Promo (New Episodes of The King of Queens, Yes, Dear, Everybody Loves Raymond and Still Standing)